Santorini: A picture of Greek gorgeousness!

Huddled white houses snuggling together perched on sheer cliffs with dramatic sea views... breathtaking!

Shopping districts amidst cascading hot pink Bougainvillea. Cobbled lanes to explore... unique artisan creations around every turn.

Food - delectable, fabulous flavours, lovingly prepared using home-grown produce...

Wine and beer - small yields and highly sought after - crafted locally. Grapes are grown on the island using techniques developed over generations, perfectly suited to the hostile growing conditions.

Hidden villages - full of character and charm. Weathered blue doors, white walls, churches sprinkled throughout. Old Venetian ruins, winding lanes... there's so much to explore and photograph!

The Caldera - a scene so awe-inspiring and majestic that no photograph can do it justice. You have to see and experience it yourself.

The traditions - the Greek Orthodox church still plays an important role in the everyday lives of the people. There's feast days, weddings, baptisms and regular services. The Easter celebrations are amazing too, especially in the village of Pyrgos. There's over 450 churches on the island, and they are beautiful!! Life revolves around family, food, and church.

Santorini is a full-on assault to the senses!! There's so much to see, to explore, to discover. So much to taste, to devour, and to enjoy. It really is one of the best places in the world to visit...