Discover Art, Food, & Shopping on Santorini

tArt Food & Shopping is not a tour, it is a private Santorini experience. For a client who has limited time on this sublime island, together we will have 4 hours of fun! This is purely a private and very personal experience just for you, my time is dedicated only to you. I will show you the best places to shop, eat and see. We always start with a welcome glass of wine at an unforgettable spot (Included in the cost) the fun then begins. I will show you hidden boutiques that sell luxury items, handbags, dresses, shoes and accessories. I know a lot of the owners so I can often agree a better price for your unique purchase. The jewellery is exquisite here and you will find unique items that will always remind you of your unforgettable trip to this volcanic island. Jewellery always varies in price and I will listen to your requirements to help you find something that you will treasure for your lifetime. I can guarantee that you will find items that will be conversation starters when you get home. Many tourists spend hours shopping, but do you really find the best spots with limited time? I have some chosen routes, which I will flex to cater to your needs.

Depending on your personal preference, we will visit magnificent art galleries, some of them are built into cave houses, they are often hidden away from the tourist routes. You can view without any obligation to buy. Often the artist is present on the premises and they will happily share their story with you. Purchases can be made (often at a discounted price) and shipped to your home country, which I can arrange. One of my favourites is based in a traditional Greek village, it combines an art gallery with a winery. You can enjoy a glass of wine and Greek nibbles, while sitting at the bar that is situated in the main square of the village. The church bells normally chime which adds to the delightful atmosphere. You are in Santorini after all.

Foodies will love the next part, the cuisine on Santorini is world famous, its fresh, healthy and presented beautifully. I have researched this area very carefully and have enjoyed experimenting with the varieties of food that the island has to offer. Santorini tomatoes-the sweetest you will ever taste, Fava- a member of the pea family, served as a dip, Octopus-Freshly caught on a daily basis, Saganaki-Fried cheese in filo pastry covered in honey, mussels, sea food pasta and many vegetarian delights. I could go into so much detail and I haven’t even described the delectable deserts and sweets that are on offer here. Think of honey, nuts, lemon, filo pastry, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, walnut pie, baklava, there are so many. I can’t guarantee that you will taste them all, but we will do our best! I will introduce you to the locals, if we have time!

Along the way, you will be shown spots that the tourists don’t often get to see. It is a photographer’s paradise. There are the famous blue domed churches, white cave houses, doorways, colourful steps and hidden pathways that will provide a breath- taking background for your holiday photographs. You may even get to see a donkey or two.

One commences at 10.00am-2.00pm, the other experience will commence at 4.00pm (slightly cooler) and finish at 8.00pm. I will leave you at a spectacular spot to enjoy the sunset. Everyone rushes to Oia for this unforgettable sunset experience, but I know many other much less crowded places.

This experience is suited or one to two people who enjoy shopping, walking and perhaps have limited time on the island. We can do and see so much in four hours!

Cost per person, including private transfer 120 euros